PHOENIX Air Springs: Promotion materials

Promotion materials for PHOENIX Air Springs

Posters and counter mats are used for sales promotion and convey important information on the correct handling of PHOENIX air springs.

Poster "Problem  Cause  Solution"

"Problem Cause Solution"

Order no: WT 7132
Token charge: € 4,00

Handout DIN A4
Order no: WT 7132_A4
Token charge: € 2,00

Information poster about properties of Phoenix Air Springs

"Do you know the capacity of just a couple of millimeters?"

Poster: DIN A1
Order no: AS 7134
Token Charge: € 3,00

Handout: DIN A4
Order no: AS 7134_A4
Token charge: € 2,00

Counter mat: 420mm x 594mm x 2mm
Order no: AS 7134
Token charge: € 10,00