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PHOENIX air springs - company information

PHOENIX Air Springs - Quality for the Replacement Market

For more than 60 years now, the Phoenix brand has been marketing air springs for commercial vehicles applications in trucks, buses, trailers and semi trailers. The brand stands for top quality, worldwide availability, a broad product range and optimum support for sales and marketing.

A Brand with Tradition

At PHOENIX, rubber technology has a long tradition. PHOENIX got started in Hamburg in 1856 with the founding of the “Gummifabrik Albert & Louis Cohen”. It quickly developed into a highly productive company in the European rubber industry.

Worldwide the winged rhombus in the PHOENIX logo became a prominent trademark in the rubber industry for many products.

Phoenix- brand with tradition

Good Reasons for PHOENIX Air Spring Systems

Our strengths are our broad product range and the consistent expansion of our range combined with perfect service and the high levels of availability in our central warehouse.

The PHOENIX brand’s product range is being continuously expanded and is regularly supplement with new market launches. Available in a broad assortment of common products, air springs of the PHOENIX brand are specifically tailored to the exacting requirements of the replacement market.

PHOENIX brand air springs have proven their effectiveness over many years and represent a very reliable choice, because the suspension properties are designed according to the specifications for the vehicle in question and therefore provide the highest levels of comfort and effective level control. At the same time, this is achieved amidst the rigors of everyday use, on all roads all over the world and under climatic conditions that run the full scale of possibilities.

As well as classic applications in commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks, trailers and semi trailers, PHOENIX brand air springs are also used in cabs and driver’s seats as well as in rail vehicles and machine mounts.